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    What People Say

    “It was a wonderful experience, feeling very much comfrtable and relaxed and calm. Thoughts are controlled and is mind is calm.”

    Hemant Garg

    “Great exprience to feel the energies and excited to experience changes in my life using reiki and open to new changes in mself. Thanks to Poonam for being a wonderful mentor and a coach looking forward for more guidance and courses.”

    Sonali Jagtap

    “Good Experience, Overall Poonam is a good teacher and open to talk to.”

    Gaurav Jain

    “The overall experience was wonderful and the session helped me a lot to relax and know myself by giving abundant positive energies and helped me to heal and learn myself. Had a great experience with Poonamji.”

    Varsha Jain

    “It was a very good feeling that I felt when Poonam madam gave me healing. I am feeling very positive and calm.”

    Pratik Malviya

    “It was very excellent experience.”

    Rajendra Basarikatti

    “An enriching experience which has opened a new way in my life. Got answers to many of my questions which I had in my mind regarding to the spirituality.”

    Swetaleena Acharjee

    “It is lovable and extra ordinary, tremendous energies for me. I feel very glad to learn it. Thank You Reiki, Thank you Dr. Mikao Usui.”

    Rajendra More

    “It is so calm, quite and relaxing. I felt really very happy and healthy during the session.”

    Yogita Deshmukh

    “It was a very nice session, very clear and simple technique. An Excellent experience.”

    Seema Devane

    “I feel very good with my health and my life its a very beautiful energy.”

    Rinku Bhatt

    “I felt very peaceful and energised.”

    Varsha Andhale

    “I am feeling relaxed, calm and happy. Thanks to Poonam for helping us teach Reiki.”

    Jaya Gargote

    “I am feeling relaxed, calm and happy. Thanks to Poonam for helping us teach Reiki.”

    Jayashree Sonawane

    “Clear information about meditation, reiki, chakras, feeling positive and relaxed. Yes Reiki will assisst into concentration and focus on goals.”

    Lalit Nehete

    “Very Refreshing, found a way to explore myself and my energies.”

    Omkar Kulkarni

    “So good that it make me wanna learn myself.”

    Jai Thakkar

    “Reiki process has been very well explained. I am confident reiki will help me to achieve my goal.”

    Vikram Kulkarni

    “The experience was very nice. I could feel the energy flow in my body which I did for the first time.”

    Vikram Samant

    “Very Refreshing, relaxing and new type of experience. I loved it.”

    Rupam Mishra

    “Feeling relaxed, concentrated , positive, Inspired to follow Reiki in Daily routine.”

    Neha Jantre

    “I am thankful to Reiki, I felt really good and relaxed. A new way to solve your problems.”

    Aruna Jantre

    “Experience is very good. It helps to solve many problems in my life . I developed my chakras. Thank You.”

    Amol Gawade

    “Level 1 healing course was a very good experience. The feeling was very special and something that we dont experience in our daily life.”

    Yalgurdappa Mullur

    “Feeling good and relaxed. It was a meditative experience.”

    Seema Trikha

    “Very good, I enjoyed it a lot.”

    Nitisha Bhayana

    “Good Felt Relaxed.”

    Avanti Kale

    “Started a learning that sounds promising.”

    Shoolpani Dubey

    “It was relaxing and calm.”

    Swaroop Chavan

    “Nice Experience with Self Healing.”

    Vivek Palve

    “Its relaxing , I am feeling light after the session.”

    Aparna Humad

    “It is very relaxing. I can change my life with this method.”

    Aditi Humad

    “It was quite a good experience and hope it has benefitted me and my loved ones in much better way, post completion of this session.”

    Sumant Kshirsagar

    “Self- Transformative, Brilliant.”

    Shivangi Singh

    “Felt Good and Energised. Got to know certain great things about my own self. Was able to experience the energy. Will practice more to completely understand it.”

    Priyanka Mehta

    “Feeling very light, looks like all confusion is solved.You teach very well keeping in mid the concern that student has come to solve.”

    Rekha Gaikwad

    “It was very knowledgeable , felt relaxed and calm.”

    Manoj Walambe

    “Great Experience.”

    Chaitali Gajare

    “It was very good, relaxing and peaceful.”

    Roopa Warad

    Feel Relaxed and happy

    Asawari Mulgund

    “Engaging and coaching top teams in shaping transformation journeys through identifying the vision and drivers for change, typically within the context of increasing performance within cost sensitive environments with a focus on enriching the customer experience.”


    “Coaching Director of one of the Paper Manufacturing company to help grow his team and business. “It was very nice talking to you .Your Ideas and thoughts were good. We found so many new things for our business that were never thought of. I am confident with coaching sessions from you we will be able to achieve our 2017 goals and the overall business vision”



    “Coaching a top team in an IT- Financial Services to work differently for their better performance of the Business. Feedback from one of the team members “I really Appreciate the efforts you always put in to show the path and improve the competencies within individuals and to show we can work in team can really make a difference”



    “With Coaching Sessions from Poonam.I am feeling really wonderful. Its like being a child again in the best way of course. I am noticing many old negative patterns of behavior disappearing . Patterns I have been trying unsuccessfully to change for years. Its really amazing.”


    Senior Manager, Multi National Company