With coaching sessions from Poonam, I'm feeling really wonderful. It's like being a child again, in the best ways of course! I'm noticing many old negative patterns of behavior disappearing. Patterns I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to change for years. It’s really amazing."



Coaching a top team in an IT- Financial Services to work differently for their better performance of the Business. Feedback from one of the team members "I really Appreciate the efforts you always put in to show the path and improve the competencies within individuals and to show we can work in team can really make a difference"



Coaching Director of one of the Paper Manufacturing company to help grow his team and business. “It was very nice talking to you .Your Ideas and thoughts were good. We found so many new things for our business that were never thought of. I am confident with coaching sessions from you we will be able to achieve our 2017 goals and the overall business vision”



Engaging and coaching top teams in shaping transformation journeys through identifying the vision and drivers for change, typically within the context of increasing performance within cost sensitive environments with a focus on enriching the customer experience."