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    Reiki – Heal Within

    Reiki – Heal Within

    You must have heard about Reiki, but do know how beneficial it is for your spiritual, emotional and physical well being?

    Reiki is a healing method originated from Japan that promotes bringing a natural balance between mind and body. In Japanese, reiki means “universal life energy,” and it is thought that this energy makes up all things. A Reiki practitioner learns to channel the universal life energy and heal through transferring this energy to the client’s energy centers (chakras). Once attuned, practitioners can use this technique to heal themselves or help others.

    Reiki is safe, completely natural, gentle healing technique that anyone can learn. With many benefits associated with it, Reiki is practised by lakhs of people across India.

    • Emotional healing: We carry around our emotional baggage for years at end. The weight of these unresolved emotional trauma and pain slows us down and affects our day to day existence in some way or other. Reiki believes that all emotions are energy and learning it can help us channel the universal energy to heal these emotional wounds and free you from the weight of it.

    Reiki frees from emotional pain and heals you from within.

    • The art of inviting Happiness:  The founder of Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui, described Reiki as the “art of inviting happiness.” Reiki clears your energy blocks and make you more open and accepting to universal life force, it opens us your being to happiness.

    Reiki invites happiness.

    • Rejuvenation of body: We absorb a lot of toxins on a daily basis that needs regular cleansing. These toxins subtly blocks our energy channels and our body experience sometimes subtle or sometimes nagging pain. Self-healing on a physical level helps prevent sickness, whether it’s one you’ve already had or one that you may have, and aids our injuries in healing fully.

    Reiki rejuvenates your inner core.

    • Reduces stress:  Happier people live longer. It’s a fact. Stress is a cause of plethora of physical and mental ailments and Reiki is an excellent way to deal with it. It reduces stress, keeping your heart and mind calm, and aligned with the universal energy. Reiki works magically on your anxiety levels, and will give you a sense of clarity and purpose that will aid you to develop into a emotionally stable being.

    Reiki de-stresses, simple.

    • Clarity in thought process:  Reiki can bring immense clarity on your thought process and will subsequently affect every area of your life. Life becomes a lot more clear, and you begin to weigh in on what’s actually important in your life, and what’s excess.

    See your life much clearly with Reiki.

    With the kind of stress and pressure we live today, it seems everyone should learn Reiki and bring a positive and healthy change in their lives.

    Alchemist Zen and Reiki Master Poonam Jain is accepting participants for Reiki level 01 for a training session scheduled on 24th March 2019 at  Chinchwad, Pune.

    This is entry-level Reiki training where you study Reiki history, learn how to perform self-Reiki, and how to give Reiki to someone else, and are initiated (attuned) for life to the Reiki energy.


    Register now to avail the early bird discount (till 15th March):

    Rs. 3700 for single registration

    Rs. 6800 for two registrations

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