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    Self-Discovery Workshop

    Program Description

    Many people come to coaching with specific goals in mind. But to be truly happy we need to do more than achieve our goals- we need to know who we are and express that in the world. This is called being authentic.

    In addition to achieve success in life – with the most ease – we need to be congruent. Being congruent is when our actions align with our values and who we are.

    After completing this set of self-discoveries , you can use your new found knowledge about yourself in your coaching sessions to bring focus, clarity and depth to your actions, habits, brainstorming decision making, visioning and goal setting.

    Objective of this workshop is to help you know yourself better and express about yourself more authentically in the world : Who are you? What do you love? What really matters to you ? What do you value most about yourself? Where might you be sabotaging yourself.

    Who should attend?

    • Executives, Leaders , CXO’s who are looking for effective time management
    • Students who want to manage their time well and achieve the best
    • Housewives who would like to manage their time well and get into a new venture

    Course Modules

    • Module 1 – What makes my hear sing?
      • A great tool to start and discover that what makes us happies might just be on our doorstep
    • Module 2 – Troll Travels – Who am I? Self Discovery Exercise.
      • A powerful tool to develop your understanding of what you value most about yourself and what makes you unique
    • Module 3 – Identify your Personal values
      • A deep multi step process for you to discover and explore what matters most to you in your life. Carries forward into all areas of your life
    • Module 4 – Role Model Confidence boosting
      • A fun confidence boosting exercise to help you appreciate and be yourself more , generating awareness that you already have the required qualities you need
    • Module 5 – Daily Gratitude
      • Get started thinking about gratitude, the power of journaling and realising we can change the way we see things and our experience of life
    • Module 6 – Intuition and Dream Symbol
      • A tool to go deeper with you to explore your intuition/ subconscious process and learn from them
    • Module 7 – Draw out your Gremlin
      • By literally drawing out your gremlin, you will begin to become aware of how your critic operates and self-sabotage less going forward

    Bonus Add-ons

    • Free 2 months of hand-holding for practical implementation of the learnings in your day to day life
    • Join the private Facebook group of like-minded people
    • Access to the monthly practice and knowledge sharing sessions

    Benefits to you after attending this workshop

    • Increase your awareness of well-being, positive life strategies and thinking approaches.
    • Increase your productivity and manage your time well


    • Age above 16 years


    • An Open mind to learn new things


    • 14 hours sessions

    Training Language

    • Sessions are available in English. To know about the schedule, refer the Training Calendar page

    Delivery Mode

    • Sessions are available online. To know about the schedule, refer the Training Calendar page

    Price , Training Schedule & Registration

    • To check the price , schedule and register – click here