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    Extra Ordinary Annual Goal Setting

    Program Description

    Extra Ordinary Annual Goal Setting explores the vision you have for your lives, help set goals which fit into the bigger picture, explore and decide which goals are most meaningful (or exciting!) to move forwards with, look at goal ecology, obstacles, success boosters and begin to take action.

    Who should attend?

    • People above the age of 16 years can attend this session

    Course Modules

    • Module 1 – Identify your vision for your life. Identify a Whole Life Vision that maps onto a 10 year

      vision and then onto 3 month vision.

    • Module 2 – Picking goals to move forward with. Brainstorm your vision and goal ideas. Select meaningful goals that add real value to our lives.
    • Module 3 – Goal Ecology & Motivation. Explore WHY you want your goals, and why NOW to gain maximum commitment.
    • Module 4 – Nailing Down and Making SMART Goals. Making your goals more effective by setting SMART goals and identifying obstacles.
    • Module 5 – Annual Goal-Setting. The process of setting 3 specific Annual Goals-from start through to an action to take tomorrow!

    Bonus Add-ons

    • Free 2 months of hand-holding for practical implementation of the learnings in your day to day life
    • Join the private Facebook group of like-minded people
    • Access to the monthly practice and knowledge sharing sessions

    Benefits to you after attending this workshop

    • Increase your awareness of  well-being, positive life strategies and thinking approaches.
    • Encouraging way for you to learn to believe in yourself.
    • It’s the tactile, visual version of “You can do anything you set your mind to,” because it serves as a regular reminder of what you hope for the future and how you can accomplish it.


    • Age above 16 years


    • An Open mind to learn new things


    • 10 hours sessions

    Training Language

    • Sessions are available in Hindi and English. To know about the schedule, refer the Training Calendar page

    Delivery Mode

    • Sessions are available in face to face as well as online. To know about the schedule, refer the Training Calendar page

    Price , Training Schedule & Registration

    • To check the price , schedule and register – click here