About the Program
  • Transform your life from being “Fat” To “Fit”
  • Make Fitness your Mantra and a Lifestyle to live by
  • Centering your attention to balance, moderation and variety, nutrition and exercise will improve your health and happiness.
  • We strive to make Lifestyle fitness coaching as pleasant and accommodating as possible. We take the time to listen closely and to appreciate where you are right now in terms of your lifestyle and diet, and work with you to help achieve your goals.
Program Duration

Results will be achieved in typically 3 months to 6 months. 30 minutes sessions every  week

Program Outcome / Take away for the Coachee
  • Personalized Nutrition and Diet program for self
  • Personalized Workout program
  • Achieve Fitness Goals
Expectations from the Coachee /Client
  • Passion and Commitment to achieve the set goals

Coaching ProcessKnow more…

Executive Coaching Program Success

Customized Individual Communication
  • Uniquely tailored to the individual
  • Process differs from each executive, manager or leader
  • Unique collaborative process to create the desired goals

Focused, Specific and Measureable Process
  • Identify specific behavior to develop
  • Agree on desired performance goal
  • Generate and outcome based action plan for measurable results

Fundamental Changes in Behavior
  • Help identify important behaviors that may affect professional growth
  • Understand root cause of these behaviors
  • Replace these deep patterned behaviors with new positive behaviors