About the Program
  • Sustainable results overtime with an efficient, high impacting process that helps to unleash potential of the high-performing people in leadership roles
  • Holistic Approach for each client including both behaviors and perceptions
Program Duration

Results will be achieved in typically 6 months to 12 months program. 60 minutes sessions every 2 weeks.

Program Outcome / Take away for the Coachee / Client
  • Effectively influence decisions to drive business results
  • Command a room with executive presence
  • Motivate and inspire people to drive vision and strategy
  • Communicate to accelerate execution
  • Strengthen relationships with key colleagues and stakeholders
  • Build a leadership brand inside/outside the company

Coaching ProcessKnow more…

Executive Coaching Program Success

Customized Individual Communication
  • Uniquely tailored to the individual
  • Process differs from each executive, manager or leader
  • Unique collaborative process to create the desired goals

Focused, Specific and Measureable Process
  • Identify specific behavior to develop
  • Agree on desired performance goal
  • Generate and outcome based action plan for measurable results

Fundamental Changes in Behavior
  • Help identify important behaviors that may affect professional growth
  • Understand root cause of these behaviors
  • Replace these deep patterned behaviors with new positive behaviors