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    Purple-5 – Paper Back


    Easy Steps to Transform your Life from Common to Uncommon


    Do you sometimes feel that your life is dedicated to others and you don’t have time for yourself?
    Do you feel that you are not special enough to realize your dreams?
    You can change that with this book!

    Most of us have a desire that is locked deep within us, to become more than we are and be a success. Unfortunately, for many, this desire remains locked away as we convince ourselves that we do not possess an idea that is unique, do not have a wealthy family to back us up or just don’t have the capabilities required.

    This book, Purple: 5 Easy Steps to Transform your Life from Common to Uncommon, aims to change that perspective and provides an insight into:

    • Knowing yourself
    • Power and confidence
    • Balancing work and life
    • Tips and affirmations
    • Thought-provoking questions
    • Coping with the demands of the workplace
    • And much more…

    An easy-to-follow guide, Purple walks you through a simple, compelling and a powerful procedure to improve the way you think and act and set free your hidden component or skill, or that diamond that will help you to create your own identity.

    Get a copy today and begin your journey here!


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