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    Corporate Chemistry – Kindle Edition

    A Practical Guide to 10x Your Profits and Growth


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    Learn how to practically use the untapped power of your mind; individual and business energy system to 10X your organisation’s profits and growth by Poonam Jain, founder of Alchemist Zen.
    A successful and prosperous organisation is an organisation that is growing and flourishing in an easy flowing manner. There is an abundance of innovation and creativity, which keeps your organisation evolving, and there is a general sense of pro-activity and purpose that can be felt across the complete organisation. If an organisation and your business is not flourishing, then running the organisation and business takes far too much energy and effort. There is an increase of miscommunication and mistrust between employees and management. Employees have become stressed and feel exhausted, and the prevalent feeling throughout the organisation is that of heaviness, confusion, chaos and overloaded with work. Addressing these issues with energy healing can completely remodel and transform the organisation, and your business into a flourishing and successful one.
    We are living in a day and age, where ancient wisdom and procedures are being revived, and their value recognised from a scientifically informed understanding of modern age. We can now draw on the practical wisdom of ancient techniques such as Crystals, science of architecture, Shastra, Feng Shui and various energy healing modalities, and create profound changes in our organisations and businesses that perhaps lacked these principles and knowledge, when they were founded, or veered away from them during their expansion. Several successful organisations and businesses have freely and publicly shared that they had used these practises to enhance their organisation and business growth, and the growth of their employees.
    Corporate Chemistry talks about proven and powerful tools and techniques that will show you how to:

    • Utilize the power of your mind and energy systems, to bring the positive shifts in your organisation.
    • Understand energy system of your organisation and your people
    • Understand your organisation’s energy vampires
    • Overcome resistance, fear of failure for your organisation growth
    • Align energy systems with the overall growth purpose
    • Relax and reduce anxiety, stress, nervousness of your people
    • Increase your clientele base
    • Increase smooth running of your organisation, business, teamwork, efficiency, overall success and positivity and productivity of your teams
    • Establish peace of mind combined with a happy and healthy collaborative work environment for employees and the organisations
    • Increase organisation’s profits by 10X
    • Achieve whatever you can conceive and believe for the highest good of everyone

    If you have dreamt of taking your organisation and business to the next level and become one of the best in your industry, making more profits than you have ever made before, then this is your moment to take the action.
    There are generally three types of business owners:

    1. Those who ensure they can make things happen
    2. Those who just want to watch things happen
    3. Those who keep wondering what has happened

    If you are the one who is eager to make things work for yourself, maintain the competitive edge, and grow in today’s competitive world then do what the successful people in your industry are doing – Unlock the hidden potential of your individual and organisations energy systems.
    You can take charge and do more than what you have dreamt of. Go ahead and take this plunge to thrive your organisation and business.


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