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    How Reiki can help reduce stress

    How Reiki can help reduce stress

    Today I would like to share an incident based on my personal experience.

    One of my clients , Ms Pooja (name changed to protect identity) visited me at my home , the moment she entered the healing room she started crying. While working with her it was clear to me that Pooja was working through her old beliefs and patterns of self-sabotage and low self-esteem. These childhood patterns and beliefs kept her away from enjoying a happy and satisfying life and also kept her away from moving in her career from a negative environment at work.

    She was a highly sensitive person and could easily feel the energies of everyone around her, as a result of this she frequently felt off-kilter, scattered and frightened from  expressing her views and giving a prompt response.

    During her first Reiki treatment of 1.5 hours , it took some time for her to calm down. By the end of the session I could sense that she had already released some of her old patterns, thoughts and beliefs in the form of the old  energy through her hands and feet. Her overall energy levels had raised , her chakras (energy centers in the body) were cleared and filled with the white universal light. This helped her to shift to a much more grounded and calm state , even before she got off the table.

    Pooja’s eyes sparkled with a lively energy, she felt calm and relaxed. She told me, “Wow. I feel so calm and relaxed. I feel at peace”. She was comfortable with the silence and enjoyed her own company.

    As we progressed with each healing session, her inner strength started to develop and she was now more aware about herself and her emotions. She generated the self-awareness of her self-sabotaging patterns. With the help of healing and coaching sessions she began to shift her not so helpful patterns to create a new and more productive patterns and habits.  She started treating herself with more self-love and compassion, started trusting her intuition and taking better care of herself. She was now able to handle her challenges well and manage her emotions.

    She had a deep understanding and sense that everything will be fine and okay for her.

    What Pooja realized was that she was suffering from low self-esteem , which made her take decisions which did not turn out to be beneficial for her. Since a long time she kept on piling up her emotional stress.

    In my 20+ years of experience in energy healing there are almost 80% of the clients who suffer from high level of stress  at mental, physical and emotional levels. The good thing is Reiki is beneficial for all these types of stress.

    In more than 95 % of the situations negative stress is considered as the root cause for poor health conditions and illness.

    Stress can be of 2 types positive and negative. Positive stress is a good thing as it gives you focus to handle an awkward situation , like giving a presentation. It can save your life in a situation as your body goes in a stress mode to enable you to slam on the car brakes to avoid a car crash.

    We all need to remember that a long term, daily, persistent stress that does not help you , has an adverse effect on your body, your mind , your mood and your  overall well-being. With today’s fast pacing world everyone feels stresses and lives in stressful situations all around, its just become a part of the life. Many don’t even realize that they are stressed, so in this situation how do you recognize that you are stressed or not.

    Some of the pointers to check if you are under stress are

    – Nothing seems to be going right, pressure piles up on you.
    – You have disturbed sleep patterns
    – You feel tired all the time
    – There are body aches and pains may develop
    – You may face gut issues, diarrhea or constipation
    – At times you may feel chest pains or rapid heart beats
    – An ongoing cold, dizziness and lack of  libido
    – You may be addicted to unhealthy eating habits, or addictions like alcohol, drugs, cigarettes

    Impact is not limited to just your physical or mental health.  Prolonged stress could also impact on your job, our business , your productivity at work, on your relationships , relationship breakdowns and additional health problems like

    – Depression
    – Autoimmune Diseases
    – Obesity, Weight gain
    – Skin conditions such as eczema
    – Heart Problems
    – Digestive problems
    – Sleep problems and many more potentially serious conditions

    Yes I know that you find this similar, you are able to correlate these symptoms either with yourself or your loved ones around you.
    Relax chill Luckily help is available on hand. Yes you read it right Help is on hands literally “On Hand” ! ?

    Taking time out to positively manage stress and increase wellbeing is key to replenishing energy levels and improving health and wellbeing.

    Many of us would have read during their school studies Biology, which teaches us that atoms within the nuclei of our cells make up the energy of our bodies.  Take a moment and look at your palm, you are really seeing millions of cells that have been condensed into a mass which form your hand. When you feel your energy is out of balance , or your energy is drained out then why not treat this energy with energy itself Treating energy with energy is precisely what Reiki Aims to try and do.  In simple terms Reiki is a stress reduction and relaxation technique that promotes well-being and relieves the pain through energetic transfers.

    Okay , but how does Reiki helps to reduce stress, just by laying hands how can Reiki help reduce stress. I have experienced my self one of the most relaxing treatments you can get for yourself is Reiki Healing. It is a gentle therapy that works with energetic field of the body by directing healing energy.

    If the idea of healing seems like an abstract concept and perhaps hard to grasp, the knowledge that all human beings possess an innate healing mechanism, which is our immune system, is a reminder that we have an in-built intelligence that wants to repair and renew cells and to efficiently eliminate invaders and “foreign bodies” as part of our defence system. Relaxation and rest are vital elements that help this system to work effectively.

    Reiki as a healing method was rediscovered in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui. This method promotes bringing a natural balance between mind and body.In Japanese, reiki means “universal life energy,” and it is thought that this energy makes up all things. A Reiki practitioner learns to channel the universal life energy and heal through transferring this energy to the client’s energy centers (chakras). Once attuned, practitioners can use this technique to heal themselves or help others.

    Reiki  will assist in relieving or reducing pain and discomfort by leveling the body’s energy centers which are commonly also referred as chakras. Reiki induces relaxation and healing by eliminating blocks to the flow of energy in your body and facilitates balance and support on all levels. The reason why Reiki can be so powerful and effective is because it infuses your chakras and your body, with Universal Life Force Energy. Your body takes specifically what it has to take at that time in time. As a practitioner, my responsibility is to simply act as a conduit for Universal energy in order to help healing take place optimally, so that your body can heal itself.

    Reiki is safe, completely natural, gentle healing technique that anyone can learn. With many benefits associated with it, Reiki is practiced by lakhs of people across the world.

    Reiki is based on three concepts.

    The first is that there is a universal life force energy that flows through all of life
    The second is that this Universal Energy can be accessed in a powerful and intentional way for the purpose of healing
    The third is that the body is actually programmed to heal itself

    Reiki healing is a gentle and tranquil full body treatment that is received fully clothed, lying down on a treatment table. The healing energy is a fine vibrational frequency directed through the hands that are placed on the body or in the energy field, positively affecting the physical and subtle energy fields of the body. It can be felt as warm, sometimes cool, radiating, tingling and calming energy. The resonance of the energy allows the mind to slow down and relax, shifting from the stressor dominance of the sympathetic nervous system, to the relax, rest and replenish aspect of the parasympathetic nervous system, thus initiating the innate healing of our immune system. With such a deep relaxation response and calming effect, Reiki can help to alleviate pain, reduce tension in muscles and help release mental and emotional stress. It can be helpful in dealing with:

    – Acute and chronic pain or discomfort
    – Pre-surgical preparation
    – Post-operative recovery
    – Healing of wounds and injuries
    – Effects of serious illnesses
    – Feelings of stress, anxiety and worry
    – Sleep issues

    One of the primary benefits of a Reiki session is relaxation. When we relax, our muscles become less tense, and our blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate become lower. This response is that the opposite of the “fight or flight” stress response. Instead, Reiki works to help you achieve a deep state of mental and physiological rest. After a Reiki session, people often report less pain, better mental clarity, feelings of calm, and a generalized sense of well-being. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

    To know more or experience a Reiki session you can connect with Poonam Jain –

    Reiki – Heal Within

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