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    Healing FAQ

    Healing FAQ

    Reiki is a Japanese word. Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy. In Japanese language ‘REI’ means Universal or Transcendental Power & ‘KI’ means life force. This Life force energy is imbibed in us from our birth. We are born with it & we live with it. It is the best energy in the world.
    Pranic healing is an ancient science and art of healing that utilizes prana or ki or life energy to heal the whole physical body. It also involves the manipulation of ki and bioplasmic matter of the patient`s body. It has also been called medical qigong (ki kung or ki healing), psychic healing, vitalic healing, therapeutic touch, laying of the hand, magnetic healing, faith healing, and charismatic healing.
    No, Reiki is not associated with any religion, whatsoever. It is a spiritually guided divine life force energy. It is a scientific, well documented method of asking this divine power to assist a person, event or a situation.
    Reiki and Reiki practitioners will never and should never enforce any change in personal, social, cultural or religious preferences of any person. Reiki, being a spiritually guided divine life force energy will always bring in positive changes in the practioner / student which it deems best for him / her. Although it may sound irrational to a few, continuance of smoking, drinking or staying a non-vegetarian may be in a person’s best interest at a given time and place. If it is not, Reiki will motivate the change from within. Please do trust its divine power. As you go on practicing Reiki yourself, you may some day quit smoking and/or drinking if that is best for you.
    Reiki, being a divine power, never works to hurt anyone in anyway. It has the ability to produce only good and positive results. Trying to hurt anyone will never work.
    Again, Reiki being a divine power, has no side effects at all.
    Yes, definitely. I would advise you to trust this power of Reiki. It always works in a positive way. The more you trust it, the more it works.
    Reiki energy starts helping you instantly in the cause for which it is channeled. The time required for getting visible tangible results may vary due to different levels of negativities, energy blockages that it is working against for the good cause. Also after sending Reiki hands-on or distance healing energy, reports come in that the client often feels it as a wave of peace when he/she most needs it. Reiki energy gets collected as a reserve and is used when needed for the best possible outcome.
    • Reiki energy often produces positive life altering changes in how one thinks and approaches their life. The recipient and the higher divine source determine how the Reiki healing energy is best utilized. The results often last forever.
    Search as much as you like but trust your intuition while choosing your teacher. As you are going to learn channelizing a spiritually guided divine life force energy, you will feel attracted towards the teacher who is right for you. Your frequencies will match with those of your right teacher. Don’t use your head but follow your heart and intuition.