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    Attract Love

    "He just left. Said we both are looking for different things in this relationship, said I am very irrational and moody and broke up with me. I tried to speak to him but then he blocked my number on calls, whatsapp, facebook, everywhere. You know...

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    Be Heard

    "I don't feel confident when I interact with my team. I feel unheard in a group and when I try to assertively communicate my point of view it comes across too strong. I am confident woman and I know all the basics of communication and...

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    Attract Stability

    "I try really hard you know, to stick to one job. I adjust, work with full dedication still something goes wrong and I have to leave the job. People assume that something is wrong with my attitude and that's why I am unable to stick...

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    How Reiki can help reduce stress

    Today I would like to share an incident based on my personal experience. One of my clients , Ms Pooja (name changed to protect identity) visited me at my home , the moment she entered the healing room she started crying. While working with her it...

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    Reiki – Heal Within

    You must have heard about Reiki, but do know how beneficial it is for your spiritual, emotional and physical well being? Reiki is a healing method originated from Japan that promotes bringing a natural balance between mind and body. In Japanese, reiki means “universal life energy,”...

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