“I don’t feel confident when I interact with my team. I feel unheard in a group and when I try to assertively communicate my point of view it comes across too strong. I am confident woman and I know all the basics of communication and it perplexes me why when I speak, nobody listens. Its a horrible cycle and it has now starting to affect my work.”

This was shared with me casually by one of my acquaintances. Let me give you her background. She is a post graduate, a manager, late twenties, attractive and a kind human being. She showed no signs of struggle but her opening up to me was a clear indication that this has been on her mind for a long time. I told her that her Throat Chakra is unbalanced and she needs to work on it. She raised an eyebrow and smiled at me, in mild disbelief.

I said, look, we all are balls of energy and apart from the visible cues of communication, our energies interact with each other. I am sure you must have experienced that sometimes you speak with a complete stranger, just couple of lines and feel a huge surge of emotion overcoming you. She smiled.

I continued, each chakra governs a certain important aspect of our lives and it needs to be balanced so that intake and release of energies are in sync. A balanced throat chakra will allow you to express your own truth and communicate with integrity. Try it.

Well she did and all I can is that she is in peace with her voice and with her words.

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