“I try really hard you know, to stick to one job. I adjust, work with full dedication still something goes wrong and I have to leave the job. People assume that something is wrong with my attitude and that’s why I am unable to stick at one position. It’s depressing.”

One of my neighbor’s son shared this with me one day while standing at our local grocery shop. He was looking emotionally tired. I asked, “Do you see a pattern in quitting your jobs?”, “I got fed up, exhausted and I left”, he replied.

I said, “I guess I understand your problem, I may be wrong but hear me out. You don’t get a sense of belonging in your job like you deserve to be there and in order to feel a part of the place you put a lot of efforts. More than you should and end up exhausting yourself in the process.”

His eyes sparkled a bit. I continued, “Your base chakra is unaligned. You lack the feeling of security, belonging and balance. These feelings form the foundation of our personality and our well being and success. Only a healthy root will give a healthy tree.”

Think about it. He tried and practiced affirmations and Chakra color therapy for three months. Today he is working with an MNC for about a year, he seems happy, has bought a sparkling red car and waves at me every time he crosses.

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