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    Attract Love

    Attract Love

    “He just left. Said we both are looking for different things in this relationship, said I am very irrational and moody and broke up with me. I tried to speak to him but then he blocked my number on calls, whatsapp, facebook, everywhere. You know this is happening with me for the second time. In 2 years I have lost two emotionally intense relationships. What’s happening! What’s wrong with me?” Kirti said sniffling her tears.
    I looked at her face, heavy with make-up but her skin looked dry, and had a recent acne break-out”Your only problem is that you are looking for a problem inside you. Self love is not a fad, it’s essential for us to harbor and build secure, fulfilling relationships. Your heart needs to give out love but should be able to accept the love flowing it. The balance is essential. I would recommend take a break from relationships, get the chakras aligned and learn self love.”
    Kirti is now one of my regular attendees and I don’t know about her relationships but she looks happy and contented. I hope I have taught her self love.

    Participate in the Chakra Balancing Workshop by Poonam Jain this Sunday, 14th April Pune, Maharashtra.

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