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    About Trainer & Coach - Poonam Jain

    In the year 2000, Poonam Jain was introduced to Coaching while she was working on achieving her fitness goals from being “Fat” to “Fit”. In this journey of transforming her life she realized having a positive mind-set with attention to details and a concrete action plan is the key to success. This very same principle can be applied to any area of life for achieving your dreams and goals. In her 20+ years of career in the corporate world (IT) she has accomplished a lot by applying this principle and along with it she has seen positive changes in her personal, professional and spiritual areas of life.

    Poonam Jain, an Alchemist Coach has been coaching Childrens, Teenagers, Executives and Entrepreneurs for over seven plus years and provides coaching in the areas of Holistic Wellness, Student Leadership, Career Coaching, Belief Change and Peak Performance. She is a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Trainer. She enjoys working with clients who want to challenge themselves, break their own barriers, overcome fear and achieve their dreams, goals and success. She also brings her twenty plus years of information technology corporate experience in her coaching sessions with her clients.

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